Roleplay RulesEdit

  1. Do not have an excessive amount of cats. Leave spots open for other people.
  2. Do not steal or kill other users' characters.
  3. Refrain from using other users' characters without permission
  4. No bad language *Exception: Use words like Mouse-brain, Fox-heart, for your "language" in Roleplay, like in the books, not offensive words.*
  5. You may not create any clans/groups/RPG.
  6. You may only have Warrior-related characters.
  7. You may only have characters with normal pelt colors. In fanfics, it doesn't really matter, but in RPG we want stuff realistic, please.
  8. Only realistic roleplay. No wings, no overly powerful magical abilities, etc.
  9. No Mary-Sues or Goody-Two-Shoes. What are they? Cats that are like "over perfect characters." Like, everything bad happens to just them, or they are all dramatic and you make the plot all centered around them... It's annoying.
  10. Proper grammar, please.
  11. No godmodding.
  12. No talk of innapropriate things. Not. At. All.

Fanfiction RulesEdit

  1. No mature content
  2. No swearing
  3. Use proper spelling and grammar.
  4. Warriors-related fanfictions only
  5. Put your name on the top of your fanfictions.