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Many moons ago, the four clans of the forest, ThunderClan, ShadowClan, RiverClan, and WindClan had a huge and extensive war. Many cats opposed the war, for it was for insufficient matters. However, the war got intensely rough, and many cats abandoned their clans and the forest. The cats that escaped the war stayed together in a group until a Twoleg family found them and chose to keep them as kittypets. They were taken away and forced onto a giant monster that traveled on water. Stuck in the cargo hold, they panicked, especially when the storm came...


In a dark cargo hold, you could hear the wails and yowls of many cats, panicked and scared. A small tabby kit shaking in fear snuggled up next to his mother, a ginger she-cat trying to gnaw her way out of a cage, or a tortoiseshell elder reassurring a young gray tom that everything will be alright, according to her, there has been much worse storms. However one of these cats, a white she-cat with amber eyes, was worried about something different; her kitting. It's so close she thought, how will I manage? Another cat, a black tom with a white stripe down his back came padding up to her and licked her cheek. "When do you think our kits will be born, Flurrystorm?" the black tom asked. "I don't know, Badgertail, but I hope they'll be healthy," she responded and trembled, "I don't want anything happening to them." "Don't worry," Badgertail meowed, trying to calm his mate even though he was nervous as well, "I'm pretty sure they'll be fine.