There's truth...

Something every cat should be able to tell.

And then there's the lie

Something that every cat seems to do.

But then..

There's truth in every little lie

Then there's a lie

In the truth


In the dark night, the wind whistled through the trees, a cat muttered alone, with a kit by her side, looking at her carefully.

The she-cat hissed "What a fight that cat put up, that was annoying, I can't wait until I get my claws into one of those clan cats fur, it'll be the day they finally realise never to mess with me, Malum!" she looked at the kit.

"And of course, you, my little kit, you'll learn who's the real enemy." Malum hissed gleefully, her piercing emerald eyes scorching through the night.

The kit made no sound, he only stared at Malum with confused and attentive eyes, his little tail flicking.

"Ah.. Yes, the clan cats, they will definitely rue the day, they'll learn never to mess with my family." Malum hissed once again. The kit finally asked, in a flat voice "I'm confused, Malum, what did they do?"

Malum snapped at her son "You know perfectly well what they did!" and she growled "I see you get your ignorance from your weak father, good thing I killed him, I'm going to teach you how to be a real cat."

The kit went silent again, and followed her through the dark undergrowth, they always hunted at night, but the kit never knew what they were hunting for.

But one thing was always the same, it always ended up with Malum hurting a cat, and the cat would never stand back up, and the little kit always wondered why.

"Let's see.. The nearest clan would be Windclan, so I think we should start there, catch a cat alone, then we can send the warning." Malum growled, looking at the long and never-ending moorland, it's hills waving and moving with the wind.

The kit just nodded, and followed Malum through the undergrowth, their paws stepping on smaller stalks.

Soon they disappeared, among the heather.

Chapter 1Edit

It was a sunny day, the sun shone clearly, and the clouds moved across the sky slowly.

Sunpaw, a she-cat, was watching the sky in silence, her eyes narrowed, and her tail flicking, and her light orange fur bristling.